Team Morality

Attack on the Cabin in the Woods

The group walks up the path to the cabin. They get up onto the ledge outside some double doors and try to look into the cabin. Hamburg busts the door down. Rokar and his cronies fire crossbows. Shorty is down and they need to run. Master Crais lets loose a color spray to aid in the escape.

Team Morality finds a camp down the switchback about an hour away from the cabin. They rest off the main trail. Rokar’s men came after us but could not find us.

During the evening, Shorty saw a fey creatures face. Night passes. Yuln shows up and urges them to continue on.

They are back on the trail and see one of Rokar’s men. Hamburg chases him down. He tells them of Rokar the Necromancer. Since the man was involved in the kidnapping, Argrim judged him and ask Hamburg to kill him. Hamburg lets down a massive non-lethal attack as well as Agrim too. He dies.

They make it too the cabin and kill the guard. Rokar’s men seem to be suffering from a cough.

Still First Level :(

They came across the Frosty the Snowman with a sign that said trespasser turn back. Shorty charged Frosty and Frosty exploded. Shorty and Hamburg took damage. Soof came to their aid. Two ice elementals popped up and attacked. Hamburg took care of business. Soof found a dead farmer on other side of river. They found 3 cp.

Later down the road the group came across 3 unscrupulous men. They surprised the 3 men. Master Crais chatted with them. They lied to us about being rangers. Two were killed and the third was taken prisoner. He failed to give much info except the big boss man named Rokar is hiding in the ranger fort? Prisoner was not too keen on going back to Rokar. The group left him by tree off the road while he was unconscious.

While moving up the trail it turned into a switchback going up. Near the top was a wisp of smoke that looks like the ranger fort.

Those Damn Sprites!!!

They fought some nasty sprites, they hate them. Afterward, the team rested with a fire with a meal consisting of the flanks of the snow snake monster. Yuln’s ghost chat with us and Iver will update the chat because I forgot.

The Beginning Snow...

Argrim Froststone and Soof meet each other on the road with no idea of how they got there. Walking out of the woods is Master Crais with some form of temporary amnesia. They walk towards the coast for a bit and stumble across a goat on a spit. Hamburg greats them and takes them out of the rain for a meal and a place to stay in his cave.

The next day the group makes its way to Sandpoint. All the citizens are in an uproar over the unusual cold weather in August. We are directed to the Rusty Dragon and take up night there but not before a chat with Belor Hemlock the local sheriff. He tells us of a noblewomen from Magnamar that travelled through Sandpoint on her way north. An Ulfen guard makes his way back to Sandpoint to tell of an ambush and the mountain of snow. Ule is in terrible condition but speaks of the freezing touch. Hamburg’s brethren goes in and out of consciousness.

The next day we travel to the North at request of Belor Hemlock with a reward for finding out what is with all the snow and find out what happened to the noblewoman (Lady Argentea Malassene).

We travel the next day to the north about 15 miles to find a mess of overturned wagon. Clearly an ambush of sorts. Inside one of the wagon are a couple of zombie hotties that we dispatch. The group finds a man encased in ice. After thawing a bit, the group finds a few items.


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