Team Morality

Attack on the Cabin in the Woods

The group walks up the path to the cabin. They get up onto the ledge outside some double doors and try to look into the cabin. Hamburg busts the door down. Rokar and his cronies fire crossbows. Shorty is down and they need to run. Master Crais lets loose a color spray to aid in the escape.

Team Morality finds a camp down the switchback about an hour away from the cabin. They rest off the main trail. Rokar’s men came after us but could not find us.

During the evening, Shorty saw a fey creatures face. Night passes. Yuln shows up and urges them to continue on.

They are back on the trail and see one of Rokar’s men. Hamburg chases him down. He tells them of Rokar the Necromancer. Since the man was involved in the kidnapping, Argrim judged him and ask Hamburg to kill him. Hamburg lets down a massive non-lethal attack as well as Agrim too. He dies.

They make it too the cabin and kill the guard. Rokar’s men seem to be suffering from a cough.


muckbuster countlasica

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