Team Morality

Still First Level :(

They came across the Frosty the Snowman with a sign that said trespasser turn back. Shorty charged Frosty and Frosty exploded. Shorty and Hamburg took damage. Soof came to their aid. Two ice elementals popped up and attacked. Hamburg took care of business. Soof found a dead farmer on other side of river. They found 3 cp.

Later down the road the group came across 3 unscrupulous men. They surprised the 3 men. Master Crais chatted with them. They lied to us about being rangers. Two were killed and the third was taken prisoner. He failed to give much info except the big boss man named Rokar is hiding in the ranger fort? Prisoner was not too keen on going back to Rokar. The group left him by tree off the road while he was unconscious.

While moving up the trail it turned into a switchback going up. Near the top was a wisp of smoke that looks like the ranger fort.


muckbuster countlasica

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